Social Media

We use a multitude of channels to promote your brand including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Blogging and Vine.  Social Media has taken the industry to new levels so whether you need support with your pages or want to launch a multi-media campaign we have the service to suit your need.

The goal is to grow these pages through posts, links, photos, videos, and competitions to make them a viable way to build industry and community impact, gain new fans and spread information.

Social media gives you the opportunity to communicate directly to your consumer, breaking down barriers and placing you directly into their news feed, time line or inbox.

As with anything though, this needs careful planning and takes time to build. Terms, phrases, tagging and tone are so important and getting this right can make or break your relationship with your community. We can maintain interest and increase traffic with energy and expertise, without much expense. We have an in house design team to create stunning visuals and eye catching posts.